Friday, November 4, 2016

hey, weekend.


so lucas is here, and we have been overjoyed to finally get to hold him.  that's why it's been so quiet here on the blog-front.  between seeing him, going to the gym, and the few events i've been prepping for/going to i haven't had much time.  but hey, y'all still love me, right?

casee made lucas the cutest ghost costume!  she's kind of shut down her shop for the time-being, but i'll let y'all know when she updates it!

last weekend i went to something wicked in houston with melissa, her bf and another couple.  i always have such a great time at these festivals, even though i'm not into the edm scene.  it's really about the music and dancing for me, but we also had fun putting together last minute costumes (i finally got to do my pebbles costume!) and checking out what everyone else was wearing!

this weekend i'll be attending the second annual red dress gala held by the lovely ladies of alpha phi's st. mary's university chapter.  i'm excited to break out my red dress, get a little dolled up, and check out how all their hard work came together.  flying solo, but hey!  i'm actually good with that.

still taking it one day at a time, heart-wise.  i miss having a person to share things with, but not so much as i am really enjoying my own company right now.

y'all there's 4 days left until election day.  if you haven't already, get yourself out there and vote!

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