Friday, October 14, 2016

hey, weekend.

antipasto at grimaldi's for my late-night sister date with casee.

sometimes a girl just has to get away for a while.  i'm driving up to dallas this weekend to visit with my original partner-in-crime (for real, though.  we were getting in trouble together at two years old.), her beau, and their sweet puppy.  i hear that the texas state fair is on the schedule, and it will be my first time experiencing that, so i'm super-excited.  but even if that doesn't end up happening, i'll be glad just for the chance to spend some time away from home and with my cousin.  also, i'm actually looking forward to the drive.  a few hours alone in the car?  bliss.

just coastin'.

high:  corinne is going to give birth at some point in the next week.  holy schnikey's i'm about to be an aunt!  an awesome aunt.  one that like bakes cookies and reads books and has dance parties and takes him to play with puppies!  and whatever other fun stuff the kid will love.  i'm expecting a very rambunctious personality from this one. 

low:  the reality of my job being temporary has hit me hard this week and i find myself stressing out about the beyond and also not wanting to get stuck working in an unfulfilling job.  time for some serious planning, y'all.

in case you missed it:
  • the young woman behind the nonprofit that distributes menstrual hygiene products to homeless women.  so much yes.
  • #repealthe19th is an actual hashtag out there in the world with actual human beings spreading the insane idea that you could actually take away women's voting rights.  no.  i don't preach politics ever but i have to plea with you, dear readers, to make sure to exercise your right to vote this year.  educate yourself and make sure your voice is heard.  don't take your right to vote for granted, because in another place and time, you might not have had it.
  • timmy d is going to be in heb commercials and my heart is bursting with happiness.  #21forlife
  • i deleted my bumble app 1) because i'm just not in the mind-frame for it and 2) because swipe fatigue.
  • this says it all.  it's not the word he used for female genitalia, it's the fact that his statement amounts to sexual assault.
  • pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are definitely being baked sometime soon.
  • wantneed.

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