Friday, October 7, 2016

hey, weekend.

someone asked how my week was, and the first thought i had was that i was exhausted in every possible form.  this time in my life maybe isn't wearing me down, but it sure is weighing kind of heavy.  i'm grateful for what i have, though i know deep down it isn't enough.  every time i feel too low, though, i quietly remind myself that this too shall pass and that i must push through.  one day, i'll look back on my thirtieth year, and i'll remember it as a time of loss and learning and growth.  and i'll think to myself, that was when it all changed.  when my life really started.

but for now, i have what i have.

just coasting.

highs:  utsa football game tomorrow.  and corinne's due date is so close!  i can't believe i'm going to be an auntie!

lows:  bills.  hahaha.  ok, and there may have been quite a few mopey heartbroken moments this week.  these things take time, friends. but there was no wine this week.

extra reading:
  • elsie and emma of a beautiful mess have started a virtual food drive for the month of october and i think it's the coolest idea.
  • this relationship quiz is scarily accurate.
  • people were really victim-bashing kim kardashian after she was held at gunpoint, bound, and robbed?  come on, y'all.  have a little empathy - she is a human being and no one deserves to experience such a horrific incident.
  • i'm ashamed to admit this, favorite blogger, meg fee, wrote an e-book that released about a year ago, and i just got around reading it.  and it brought.  me.  to.  tears.  i was literally sobbing last night, as i finished it in bed.  oh, the feelings.  she posted one of the essays on her blog - read it here.
  • more essays, if you're into that kind of thing.  i am.  :)
  • i want.  i need (time for a change).

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