Friday, September 30, 2016

hey, weekend.

i love this time of year.  everything appears to slow down (even though we are still busy little bees).  the air changes, it's cooler in the mornings, and if you try hard enough (at least down here in south texas) you can almost smell fall in the air.  oktoberfest and wurstfest are around the corner.  we break out the sweet sweater layers and olive green anoraks and scarves and boots.  i've curled up with a snack and a glass of handsome devil malbec and either a book, or something on hulu every night this week (except wednesday, when i curled up instead on my best friend's bed while we drank her favoriate chianti and ate spinach dip from heb while talking about everything and nothing).

i guess i always have change on my mind.  i'm of the belief that we should never stay stagnate, we should always want more.  at work, at home, in relationships.  so, while i have clear goals in my head for the next year or so, i also know i will eventually have to think about what to do in the beyond, once those goals are accomplished.  but one thing at a time, y'all.

just coasting.

highs:  casee and i are going to a josh abbott band concert tonight, and it is just the perfect temperature and time of year for an outdoor jab concert.  and i am nothing if not in the right frame of mind to hear a few of my older favorite songs, but more importantly, the ones from his newest album.  and that handsome devil malbec, y'all.  i cannot gush about it enough.

lows:  my body is in a state of struggle right now.  i know i need to be patient and let it take its time getting back into running shape, but patience has never been a virtue of mine.  silver lining?  i really love my alone time at the gym and in the sauna afterwards.  i've written so much just in that 15 minutes sweating after every workout.

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happy weekend, y'all!


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