Monday, July 25, 2016


look.  it's easy to sit back and be sad.  to let your previous experiences break you down and keep you from living your life.  but, there's no fun in that.  and life is just way too short to take for granted.

i had a friend reach out to me recently when she and her boyfriend broke up, and she told me that the way i was handling my situation was an inspiration to her.  and that just warmed my heart so much.  it was an instantaneous decision, in the moments after i realized my ex was cheating on me, that i was losing my much-loved job, and i totaled my car, to not let it get the best of me.  because i am so much stronger than that.  i have been through the ringer more than once, and i always come out better.  so, i really have no worries about getting through this.

so, to any person who may be going through a rough time, and happen upon this post - you are going to get past this time in your life.  find new things to focus on.  don't focus on the negative, find the positives!  make a game plan, schedule yourself so you are accomplishing at least 3 things a day, even if they are small things.  don't be afraid to call your friends and make plans just to take your mind off of things.  don't be afraid to laugh, and smile, and FEEL RELIEVED.  let the weight roll off your shoulders.

now excuse me while i go check my cute self out and continue workin' on my dreams!  i've got a lot to accomplish today.  :) 

happy monday, y'all!

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