Friday, November 27, 2015

friday faves.

handsome devil and cards against humanity with family.
trying to get back to it.  bear with me, as i wrap my brain around this new life i'm trying to build, mostly on my own.

peak & pit:  i've been teeming with inspiration, but unable to put words together to form a sentence.  i'm still struggling with my emotions, but i'm a stronger woman than many, including myself, give me credit for.

also, i've been thinking about taking some classes to help me grow this sweet blog of mine.  my life is changing quite a bit, and my momentum is headed in a completely different, but very related direction than where i started 10-ish years ago.  but then again, my life is always changing!

quality time with my grandmothers.
helping my sister with her online shop.
sweet, sweet daisy love.  

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