Friday, July 18, 2014

it's friday!!!

have you guys tried the new partyparty app by elsie and emma?  lots of fun!

yay, friday!  it's so nice to see you again.  this month seems to be dragging on, probably because it's been so very unnecessarily stressful.  nothing i can't handle, but i sure could use a break (looking at you, universe).  maybe it's because there's so many exciting things coming up the next couple of months, and i just want to hightail it to all that excitement and adventure.  or maybe it's because i'm currently living like an undergrad and want to get off of this metaphorical ramen diet.  idk.

i'm doing the electric run with my bff and some other friends tomorrow night.  i predict we'll have a blast, dance like crazy, and be covered in color!  can't.  wait.  i have a couple other plans up my sleeve for the weekend, but nothing crazy.  i want to try to get some writing in.  i've been feeling a little inspired, but haven't really had an opportunity to let the words flow.

and one final announcement, y'all:  i'm so incredibly and incandescently happy these days.  it's been a weird little turn around from a few weeks ago, but i think i'm slowly starting to feel like myself again.  and not just the self i was at the beginning of this year, but also i'm starting to see and feel pieces of the girl i was when i left for rochester 10 years (holy shit) ago.  obviously i don't want to be my 18-year-old self again, but there are parts of her that i would love to let inspire me.  all i know is i have freedom and adventure and love on the brain, and that can't possibly be a bad thing, amirite?

happy weekend, friends!


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