Tuesday, September 3, 2013


baby, you're a firework.  from our 2011 trip to disney world.

i think of you, in my daydreams.

of how we might meet again, and have one more chance to give it a go.

it might be different, a second time around.  neither of us really the same person we were before.

i sometimes hope i'll see you, although i know we don't frequent the same places.  would it be awkward?  would we even acknowledge our acquaintance?  would i revert back to that shyness, we both know so well?

i hope that it would be easy.  we neither of us owe the other a thing.  there is no reason to be put off, or worried about hurt feelings.

i hope we'd talk about our adventures since we last saw each other.  each of us having that spirit deep in our hearts, yet unable to fully embrace it.  maybe all we need is a partner.  a person to join us on our journeys.

maybe you could be mine.

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