Monday, June 24, 2013

can't shake you.

there was the time you took me by surprise in wal-mart when we were grocery shopping.  it was the sweetest kiss and i remember thinking how much i loved seeing that look of love and contentment in your eyes.

i still remember so clearly that first time you came to visit me in rochester.  danielle had to drive me to the airport and i got down to find you.  i was so nervous i think i didn't even look you in the eyes for like an hour.  you hated bagels so much by the end of that trip.

and the ferris wheel the weekend of my 21st birthday.  i never knew how scared you were of that ride, but the picture i took of you holding on for dear life, is priceless.

every time i see tulips, i think of you.  i have no idea why i though "tulip" was a great response to your teasing me by calling me "pansy", but for whatever reason it stuck.

these are memories i'll never be able to shake.  do i wish i could?  no.  i want to carry them with me in my heart forever.  i feel like i'll be attached to you forever, no matter what happens between then and now.

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