Friday, November 16, 2012

it's friday!!!

this week i had multiple trials.  as you might have read in my previous post i'm still sick.  STILL SICK.  my body is running on empty and i'm trying really hard to fight whatever infection is leftover from two (or three?) weeks ago.  also, i'm trying hard to remember to listen to both what my head and heart are telling me.  that's not always an easy thing, especially for someone who is always trying very hard not to disappoint the people they love and care very deeply about.

life is never easy, is it?  i've been thinking about that a lot lately.  this has been the most trying year of my life.  even more difficult than when i moved away to college only a few months after almost dying from a ruptured cyst on my ovary.  back then i was so carefree and innocent, so i bounced back quick when things got rough.  now, i've really seen and experienced some of the most horrible things a person can and i'm having a hard time digging myself out of this hole i've found myself in.

there's always my cheer girls, though, to bring some joy into my life.  we've got regional competition this week, and so my mind has been on that consistently all week.  i'm pretty confident that they will do well at competition and we should hopefully place, but i'm not sure how many teams are in our division, so we shall see.  also, thanksgiving is next week, so my mom's house will be full of family and good food.  i CANNOT wait.  my favorite holiday EVER.

just a few things that caught my eye this week:
  • keira knightley's anna karenina costumes.  so beautiful and chic.
  • venice under water
  • i couldn't have said this better myself.  i've felt that spark once before.  it's not something you forget easily.
  • a candle that smells like my favorite thing in the world.  books.  :)
  • i really, really need some new glasses.  kind of loving these!
  • you guys know the kind of love i have for our armed forces.  kim k. (and all of the k.'s) are already some of my fave people, but i have even more admiration for her after seeing she accepted an invite to the marine corps ball.  and she rocked the hell out of that dress!  she looks beautiful.

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