Wednesday, January 18, 2012

twenty-twelve resolutions.

i've been thinking about this for a while. what do i want 2012 to be about? what kind of year is this going to be for me? i'm still trying to figure things out. i don't completely feel like an independent adult. don't get me wrong, i take care of myself. but...there are certain adult things i want to accomplish that i haven't yet.

when i graduated from rochester i was scared to death. i knew i had to find a job. i had to start paying bills. all the hard work i had done for the past 16 years was going to seem like kids play in comparison to entering the "real-world". it didn't take long for me to understand that i had kind of screwed myself over in undergrad. i didn't do enough.

i am incredibly proud of each and every one of my friends. right now they are my role models. from my best friend, danielle, who is in her 4th year of teaching and already has a "teacher-of-the-year" award, to ana, who graduated from emory law school last spring, got engaged and passed the bar last fall, to jenna, who gets up early every morning and works her ass off (literally) at the gym before going to her corporate job. they are the kind of women i've surrounded myself with, and they are the kind of women i look up to. this is where my resolutions come in.

i plan to be a better student, healthier person, volunteer more, enjoy life (have more fun, be less stressed), take more good risks, and plan for my future this year. EVERY year really. i'm not going to set specific goals (like lose ten lbs by spring break, or quit drinking sweet tea) because i feel like that is setting yourself up for failure. but trying to be a better person? well maybe we all need to give that a try. no?

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