Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O Christmas Tree

(oh.em.gee. i have not been on my blogging game this month. regularly programmed blogging scheduled to resume IMMEDIATELY, i promise!)

picking out our christmas tree is our biggest family tradition for christmastime. all five of us go, and we pick out the prettiest, fullest tree we can find. to me there is nothing more "christmassy" than having a real tree. the scent alone is enough to make me want to have a live tree, but then we get the added bonus of spending time as a family as we pick out "the" tree.

this year, we decided to get coffee (hot cocoa for me!) beforehand from starbucks. it was a little chilly so we bundled up and went on the hunt. it took us a couple of tries before we found the tree we wanted, but she's really pretty. i don't have any pictures of her all trimmed, but i'll share some soon. :-)

in the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite christmas songs, performed by the glee cast!

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