Friday, August 19, 2011

it's friday!!!

and i have the greatest news!!

ernest came home early!  i can't contain my excitement!!!  poor thing, he's so tired from the jet-lag.  i hope he wakes up soon, though.  i want to spend some quality time!

mother nature is wreaking havoc on my body this week.  i'm not a happy camper, but hopefully it will pass soon.  because i have lots to do...

1.  such as break in these new shoes!  well, first i have to exchange them for a smaller size...but they are sooooo awesome and i am in love.

2.  school starts on monday!  i cannot wait, i'm so ready for a new semester (and a longer one at that).  i'm taking intro to philosophy and psychology of personality.

3.  my aunt, uncle and cousin are visiting next weekend!!

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