Friday, May 20, 2011

it's friday!!!

 graduation 2008.  waxing nostalgic?  yes, guilty.

 wow, has it been a full week since my last post?  that's unacceptable.  unfortunately, i haven't really had anything to write about. 

no, that's not true.  i do, and i've been working on a few different posts, but honestly, ernest and i haven't done anything exciting since jazz fest. 

as y'all know, we're trying to save up for our big move back to tx.  also, i haven't gotten the official word that i have or haven't been accepted to grad school, and we're planning a christmas vacation with my family to new mexico, that will require lots of $$$$.  so, there hasn't been a whole lot of money being spent by either of us, as we're trying to hold on to as much as we can. 

ugh, but enough about money!!! 

here's what's been on my mind lately, and what i'm looking forward to this weekend:

  the girls and i before commencement.

lately all i can think about is one of two things.  the first being school.  a lot of my friends are graduating, and so my facebook homepage has become a collage of guys and gals in caps and gowns.  cue my jealousy and my foot kicking myself in my bootay.  i keep thinking, "i wish that was me."

we did it! 

i've been flipping through the pictures from my undergraduate graduation ceremony and thinking, "wow, i did that.  me.  i got through it, the whole time thinking that it was the hardest thing i was ever going to do."  of course, it wasn't the hardest thing.  i'm still going through the hardest thing, which is choosing a career.  i have a vague idea of what i want, which is why i applied where i applied.  i just wish i could get confirmation.

at first i was terrified of the idea of going back to school, which is why i put off taking the GRE and sending in my application at the last minute (yes, i'm admitting it.  i procrastinated...happy, mom?).  i think i was more afraid of being away from ernest than anything else (yes, i'm also admitting that, unhappy as i am about it), because he HAS to spend at least two semesters in san antonio.  now, there aren't that many miles between san antonio and austin, but when you've been living with someone consistently for three years, it can kinda feel like lightyears. 

there are a few other things that were holding me back, as well.  what if i'm not happy?  what if i'm not good at it?  but i started thinking more and more about it and realized...who am i kidding?  i'm the effin' shiz!

 the parentals, sisters and i looking very "world-conqueror"-like.

if i don't get in this time around, then i'll try again.  i'll get in SOMEWHERE.  even if it's not my dream school.  but it's about damn time i got my rear in gear and set off to conquer the world.  'cuz if i don't, then my sisters won't, and then how are we going to knock the kardashians off of their pedestal (jk, we totally love the kardashians!)???

as for this weekend (and the second thing that's been on my mind), i will be conquering some spring cleaning and sprucing the place up a bit!  two of my girls are coming to visit during memorial day weekend (aka, next friday through monday!) so i want to make sure the place is clean and smells fresh (which isn't exactly easy when you have two dogs, a turtle and a military man for roommates). 

i'm also hoping to make the boo and myself a yummy spring/summer dinner on sunday, complete with homemade sangria, and go through some of my favorite pictures to find the best ones to hang on the walls (who says we can't have the prettiest apartment, even if we're only going to live there four more months??).

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