Friday, January 14, 2011

my 2011 goals...


i don't make resolutions.  i don't resolve to be a better person, or a thinner person, or a friendlier person.  i think that if i wanted to make the changes necessary to lose twenty pounds or call one friend a week, i would've done them already.  i'm not going to write down on a piece of paper, "i'm going to go to the gym 5 times a week", "i'm going to volunteer 3 times a month", "i'm going to write letters or emails or facebook messages to my friends, once a week", because the truth of the matter is, i understand life happens.  life changes.  and we never know when, or how.

but i'm not so cynical that i don't set goals for myself.  in fact, i have.  i've thought long and hard about what i want to do this year, this eleventh year of the millennium, this twenty-fifth year of my life.  a quarter century has passed and it is time for change.  i know that, i understand that.  i know that it's going to happen, i just don't know when, or how.

so in looking forward to the new year, and all the things i hope it holds for me, here are my eleven (simple) goals for 2011:

1.  take the GRE.
2.  get accepted into grad school (hopefully for fall 2011).
3.  move back to texas (preferably austin, but that all depends on numero dos).
4.  take another trip to nashville.
5.  dance more (maybe find a class?).
6.  see busch gardens with ernest.
7.  start a record collection (and buy a record player).
8.  run more 5ks (and be able to run them in 30 min or less!).
9.  take a photography class, or buy a book and teach myself to take prettier pictures.
10.  make tortillas from scratch.  and learn to make enchiladas as good as my sister, corinne's.
11.  try out for american idol.  yup, i said it.  i'm going to try out for american idol.  omg, i think i just got butterflies in my stomach.  i always sing.  i love to do it and i think i have a decent voice.  i'd love to take some lessons, though, so hopefully i can find some room in my budget for that.

i think i've set a pretty good list of goals for the upcoming year, don't you?  and i'm already getting started on number 4.  my friends madeleine and lisa both live there, as well as my cousin john.  i'm looking at taking a trip up there in march, so...fingers crossed!

oh and i started my application for grad school.  i'm really nervous and stressed about it, so i probably won't talk much about the whole process until the summer.  we'll see.  :-)

what are some of your goals for the year?

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