Sunday, December 26, 2010

it's christmas!!

the annual contreras family christmas photo.

alrighty y'all.  i know i missed my weekly "it's friday" post.  my bad, i had a lot of last minute errands to run for my mom, as well as tons and tons of wrapping to do.  i had planned on doing one yesterday, but we had so much going on, and i haven't been feeling the greatest, so it didn't get done until today.  but this christmas, i am so very thankful for:

1.  spending time with my family, and much-needed quality time with my sisters, wrapping presents and running out to starbucks for coffee/hot cocoa.

2.  ernest being home for christmas, unlike last year, when he was overseas in italy.  he came over yesterday morning and opened presents with my family, which was really, really nice.

3.  all the wonderful presents i received, and the money for our trip to orlando SO SOON!!

4.  i am officially 11 days away from a super-exciting family vacation to orlando.  cannot wait to hit up magic kingdom with my sister-bears!!!

5.  meeting little sophia for the first time since she was born two months ago.  she is a beautiful, quiet little baby, and buying christmas presents (particularly clothes) for her was SO MUCH FUN!!

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