Friday, October 1, 2010

little love letters.

squishy, my squishy,

you said your love for me was like diarrhea (because you just can't hold it in).  some people were grossed out.  i am thoroughly enamored by this statement because it's the most love you've shown for me in a public forum, ever, period.  you are of the male species and i have to respect that i'll never get little love letters that don't have some sort of inappropriate comment intermixed with your true feelings (ie., you totally dig me and think i'm the hottest thing since grandma's salsa).

you have been gone two weeks now, and i'm really missing you a ton.  also, we have two episodes of swamp people waiting for us when you get home, plus you're taking me to see blake shelton at gretnafest, so basically i am twiddling my thumbs until your sweet face walks through my front door (with my new fall wreath hanging on it). 

on top of that, i have a pretty sweet surprise (a present for the both of us, not to be confused with your last surprise you said was for the both of us but really ended up being for you to play with and for me to protect myself with, ie. new baby gun) to give you when you get back, which will more than likely find itself somehow used at our next "date-night", which usually just means you and i order pizza or chinese takeout and lounge around in our lounging around clothes (holy run-on sentence).

also, i love that you don't go sightseeing while your in hawaii because you say it won't mean the same to you without me there, and because you want to experience all of that with me when we get to take our trip there together.  i love this 1.  because you're saying you're going to take me to hawaii, 2.  because it's the sweetest thing you've ever said, 3.  because i know you mean it. 

pretty much you're more romantic than you think and than i give you credit for.  i wonder if you even realize it?  i know i didn't until just now.

anyway, i hope you're being safe and feeling better.


your main (and sure as hell better be only) squeeze.

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Petite Annabel said...

That's so cute, funny and romantic!