Wednesday, October 6, 2010

like barack obama said...

it is [most definitely] time for a change.  (ten points if you can guess the song)

my current job is stressing me out big time.  i complain a lot about headaches and back aches and tummy aches and i tell my honey that i have no clue why these things have been bothering me, but deep down inside, i know:  it's my job. 

the problem is, i've spent a lot of time since graduation job-hunting, but i never find anything i really love, so i end up settling and eventually (no matter how amazing the boss, or co-workers, or company) i end up so unsatisfied.  i think i've somewhat figured out why over the years, but i'm not sure what to do about it.  i need change, i crave a work environment where i can be both successful and creative, something that isn't quite so mundane or depressing.  so far i haven't had any job like that.

my mind is constantly moving, i'm always thinking of different projects to work on, and that makes it really difficult for me to have a job that is the same thing, day after day after day.  also, my current job is just really depressing.  i work for a law firm and i have unhappy clients calling me and yelling at me daily.  DAILY.  i have a supervisor that i believe has no faith in her department and bosses whom i know have no faith in our department.  nice.

i know i'm not the only person in the world that hates their job, but i really believe this is affecting me physically and so i have come to the conclusion that i have to leave it.  i'm not sure how much longer i can hold out here, so i've already started the job-hunt (big surprise, nothing tickles my fancy) and i've been putting away money just-in-case i have to leave before i can find a new job.

i'm hoping to find something i can learn from, and something that will challenge me, so that i don't get bored or start to feel the way i've been feeling about my current job, with people who are both encouraging and positive.

wish me luck?

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