Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...and we're the three bffs that anybody could have.

i have two of the best friends any woman could have in the entire world.  in fact, they're even better than best friends...they're my sisters.  we're bonded by blood and mutual upbringing.  family. 

sometimes you may have a best friend that you meet when you're older, but with most relationships, especially in this day and age, people change, they move, they have kids and careers and it's hard to keep in touch.

my sisters are stuck with me.  literally until death do us part.

we have the kind of relationship that can never, ever be torn apart.  i'll never hold a grudge against them because mom and dad bought them a pony, or because they went to all of their soccer games, or because they hate my boyfriend (which, i'm hoping they don't, but even if they did, i'd still love them).  i can't live without my sisters in my life.  i'd be utterly unhappy.  and i know they feel the same way.  there is nothing that could wedge us apart.

don't get me wrong, we fight like cats and dogs.  if you've ever watched keeping up with the kardashians or kourtney and khloe take miami, you'll know exactly how our arguments are.  growing up, there were many occasions where our parents no doubt thought we were going to kill each other, if they didn't intervene.  of course we didn't and oftentimes would be giggling together after we all cooled down.  it's my belief that sisters that love each other as much as we do, can fight like that and still be best friends at the end of the day. 

i am incredibly proud of my sisters.  and even when they make a mistake or do something i don't really approve of, i will not stand for someone else to say even one dirty word about them.  no one knows my sisters as well as i do, and therefore no one has the right to speak against them.  except for me, hahaha! 

in all seriousness though, i believe i've learned more from my sisters than they've learned from me.  i may be the oldest, but that doesn't mean that my sisters can only take advice from me and not give it.  i may lead by example, but the truth of the matter is, a lot of my choices are based upon what i think my sisters will get from it.  so as you can see, my life is just as guided by them, as theirs are by me.

my sisters enjoy life.  we all do, from my parents to myself to casee and corinne.  although, i think it's only recently, since my sisters have been old enough to make sound choices, that we've really embraced the idea that life is about living, laughing and loving.

my sisters don't care what other people think.  they have respect for our elders, but they are not going to live their lives trying to please everyone we know.  that's impossible and i find it refreshing that they learned this on their own, before even i could realize the beauty in making choices that fulfill me, not the image my family wants to have of me.  they realize the importance in having family to fall back on, but that doesn't keep them from doing the things that make them happy.  and that makes me happy.  :-)

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