Saturday, October 24, 2009

meet riley!

Riley is a Mauzer (Maltese/Mini-Schnauzer) and we got him in June. He's totally adorable, but kinda a pain in the butt. He was born in February so he's still a puppy, and training him has not been easy. He's not going to the bathroom inside as much as he was when we were at my Mom's house, but he still has accidents. Ernest gets really frustrated with him sometimes, but I try to tell him Riley's just a puppy and doesn't understand.
Riley can be really loving and playful. Ernest loves to make him run around from excitement. Of course he chews on anything he sees fit. Yesterday it was my shoe (that was the first time we've caught him doing that, though) and other times it's been magazines, Ernest's cap, and one time even our trim! My mom told me about some spray you can use to keep animals from chewing on things, but we haven't gotten any yet.
I feel bad for our little pup, he's stuck inside all day, except for when we take him out, and we don't have a yard so he doesn't really have anywhere to run around. I know he needs attention and he needs to play a lot and room to run. So, today I'm taking him to the park. I need some exercise and so does he. Off we go!

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