Monday, October 1, 2007

burnt buffalo wings.

it's my first post, and i want to quickly complain about my buffalo wings. i burnt them. i wanted buffalo wings, i threw some in the microwave and they taste horrible. why? because i followed the directions. i knew in the back of my mind that was wrong, that six minutes for 3 buffalo wings was way to long, but i still did it. and what do i have to show for it? crispy, crispy, crispy buffalo wings. and runny macaroni. i guess i just was not meant to have a decent meal today. lunch consisted of runny tuna salad, 2 pickle slices instead of the usual 4 and jalapeno chips (the highlight of my meal). breakfast? let me think. that was almost 12 hours ago. ah, yes. a really, really hot hotpocket. yummy.

anyway, a while back, i decided i wanted to start blogging, so that people at home wouldn't feel left out of my life. it's taken me this long to create one, and that's only because i decided to nap instead of do homework today. i had an extra hour to kill, so i made "dinner" and here i am typing. finally.

i've always been a writer. i think it's the best kind of therapy for someone like me. i tend to bottle up and keep things in, saving my distress for a single piece of paper (okay, not always a single piece) and some sort of writing utensil. of course, being of the information age, pen and paper has become almost obsolete. and a good amount of people post their journals for the world to see. don't assume that this is going to be one of those "tell-all" blogs. no no. my life will not be on display in that way. i'll still keep my secret journals. i just want to give my friends and family a little insight into how i'm doing.

so now i come to the title of my blog. "roller coaster rides." i've never been afraid to ride a roller coaster, but i have always gotten butterflies right before getting on. that's kind of how i feel about my life too. i have a few fears, but i still try to take chances and LIVE. i think that's most important. for example, moving 2000 miles away from home, into a culture i didn't (still kind of don't) understand, and living with people who come from completely different backgrounds, was kind of a stretch for me. but the university of rochester took a chance on me, so i, in turn, decided to take a chance on it. of course, as with all important choices, there came some consequences, but in the end i think they made me a better person. anyway, to me, life is just one great big roller coaster ride. sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and sometimes you're upside-down.

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