Sunday, December 27, 2015


this can apply to so much in my life right now. this blog, for example. i started roller coaster rides as an outlet for my writing, a way to catalog my adventures, a place for my friends and family to catch a glimpse of those adventures, and the medium through which i work out a lot of my issues. i haven't been the most consistent blogger lately, and to be quite honest i haven't been writing much of anything at all, but each day is a new one and hopefully i can be more committed to the blog and/or my journaling.

also, the thrift store is always on my mind. when cz originally asked me to work with him, i balked. a million worries ran through my mind, but eventually he talked me into it, and it's been the bumpiest roller coaster ride i've ever been on, but so worth it. i still have a lot to learn, and i'm so grateful to cz for having patience with me and giving me his time, because we really want this place to grow.

it's hard to remember to do it, but sometimes we just have to take a breather and go back to the beginning, remember the reasons why something was important to us in the first place. i've never been the kind of girl to want to walk away from something i truly cared about just because it was difficult. 

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