Friday, April 3, 2015

it's friday!!!

it's #nashvilleorbust this weekend, y'all!  i'm taking a much-needed trip with my girl, melissa, her mom, and her mom's friend to nashville, tn, this weekend to celebrate melissa's mom's birthday.  there's nothing like a change of scenery, and a girls weekend, to refocus your energy and get you back on track.  not to mention i need to destress.  the last couple of months have been really pushing me to my brink, and while i know my stress isn't going to magically disappear, it is nice to have distractions.

i must say, this trip would not be possible without corey.  it was his insistence that i go, because i talk about nashville all the time, that made me say yes when melissa asked if i would be her partner-in-crime for the weekend, two weeks ago.  this trip is spontaneous, to say the least, but i'm really glad to have a partner like corey who understands my wants and needs and is willing to help me make them happen.

peaks & pits, april 3.

peak:  nashville, obviously. and change coming soon.

pit:  the stress of upcoming change is exhausting and overwhelming. i know it's for the best, but tough none-the-less.

have an adventurous weekend, y'all!

  • ok.  this was super-funny.

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