Friday, April 10, 2015

it's friday!!!

you would think turning in my two weeks would've lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, but it kind of just added to my stress.  it's ok, though, because next wednesday is my last day and i get to move on with my life.  i'd love to tell y'all about my experience in this office, especially in the last few months, but i don't really think that this is the time or the place, so just know that moving on is the best thing i could possibly do for myself, right now.

peaks & pits, april 10.

peaks:  two days off this week.  still riding out the high from going to nashville and trying zip-lining for the first time.  i'm officially obsessed with it and as soon as this semester is over i'm going to find a way to go again.

pits:  you guys i found a huge (ok, the size of a quarter) spider in my room.  gross.  and i had a physics exam on tuesday, and a bio exam tomorrow.

corey is currently out of town for work, and i have an exam tomorrow.  but this is the best time of year in san antonio!  it's fiesta month, and this weekend is the poteet strawberry festival.  i would really love to go, but there is just so much to do already this weekend.  i just hope it doesn't rain again until monday lol!

have a beautiful weekend, y'all!


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