Wednesday, April 1, 2015

homegrown // zac brown band.

what i'm listening to - lots of country.  new stuff from lesser known artists.  new stuff from some of my fave artists.  i keep trying to mix some pop (rihanna, iggy azalea, etc) in there, but nothing sounds like spring and summer to me like a good country song.  this song by zac brown band accurately portrays how i feel about home.  i may have come from the city, but san antonio has always felt like a small town to me.  we just have a different sort of vibe around here, and i'm so proud to be a san antonian.  and one day, i'll have a (hopefully huge) piece of land in some part of the rural area surrounding san antonio, and be able to build a simple kind of life with my family.  a girl can dream, huh?

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