Tuesday, March 3, 2015

watch her drive - wade bowen.

i would not be able to get through most days without some good texas country music.  it's just a fact.  there's a reason i'm playing music from the moment i wake up to the moment i go to sleep every day.  not a day goes by that i don't listen to at least one of my favorite songs (who are we kidding?  i don't have a favorite.  they are ALL my favorite.).  and i've been known to have a full-blown dance party in the shower, my car, my office, walking down the hallway...no shame, just good jams.

anywho, wade bowen, y'all.  i can't say enough about this man's voice.  it just gets to me.  now my fave is "why can't you love me", of course, but this song from his newest album is pretty good too.  i feel like i'm the kind of girl who could just drive.  just pick up and drive.  just drive and only look back on holidays.  y'know what i mean?  i get too restless sometimes.

if you've never seen wade bowen live, you are missing out.  he's awesome.  AWESOME, i tell you.  i just found out that he'll be at oysterbake this year, so you know i can't miss that!  :)  

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