Friday, February 6, 2015

it's friday!!!

wearing my red dress pin today.

so, now that we all know why i #WearRed, let's move on to the weekend, shall we?  i mentioned before that i had been sick most of january.  well, things haven't changed much so far in february!  in fact, this is the worst i have felt in quite a long while.  i was pretty much bed-ridden for most of wednesday and all day yesterday.  i'm feeling much better now, though i would say i'm at about 89%.  i've got to suck it up, though, because i have alpha phi southern leadership conference this weekend, and about 9 million things to do before i leave tomorrow morning.  ok, slight exaggeration, but i do have a lot of homework to complete.

peaks & pits, feb. 6

peak:  making it to the gym on tuesday night, in spite of feeling like death.  nothing pushes me like a good workout and while it was definitely a struggle (don't ask how much weight i was using on curls and rows), i felt better afterwards (ok, it was short-lived, but still).

pit:  getting literally nothing done this week until i finally finished my math homework last night.  i'm not one to sit still (probably why i ended up getting so sick in the first place) so not doing anything is really hard, and now i feel pretty behind on work.  i'll catch up though, i'm sure.

so, this weekend i'll be learning new ways to help the alpha phi chapter i'm advising effectively market themselves, plan events, and reacquainting myself with the fraternity's values and goals.  i'm really excited, and ready to get to work!

have a fantastic weekend, y'all!


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