Thursday, January 15, 2015

what i'm reading.

i heard good things about lauren hillenbrand's novel, unbroken, for a couple of years and let it sit in my Amazon shopping cart for a long while.  when i heard that angelina jolie was directing and producing the screen adaptation of louis zamperini's story, i was even more intrigued, and picked the novel up at my local sam's club (thanks, mom).

corey took me to see the movie on christmas day.  it was so good - we talked about it for a while afterwards.   i had already read about a chapter of the book by this time.  so, yeah, i cheated a bit.  but it's still a great book, and such an interesting story of courage and resilience.  not to mention there is so much background history left out of the movie that hillenbrand highlights in her novel.

pick it up, y'all.  and see the movie too!

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