Friday, January 30, 2015

it's friday!!!

early morning sunlight at corey's.

time.  it's always slipping away from me.  there's not enough in a day, and i'm never getting enough to get adequate rest at night.  but you know what?  i'm happy.  i'm so happy, i can't stop smiling.

peaks & pits, jan. 30

peak:  ordered new sneakers, FINALLY.  i can't wait until they get here!  and corey and i started working out together.  i slowed him down a bit, but i can't wait to get the hang of it and really get a routine started again!

pit:  overwhelmed.  overworked.  exhausted.

it's my cousin isaiah's birthday, and superbowl sunday this weekend, so i'm excited for all the festivities.  other than that, i'll be getting ahead (or catching up) on work and relaxing!

have a happy weekend, y'all!


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