Friday, January 23, 2015

it's friday!!!

i can only write about writer's block so much, but it's been seriously plaguing me of late.  my mom finally suggested i do some (not-so)-light research on how other writers fight the block last night, so i'm going to be searching out material on that here soon.  in the meantime, i just recently started reading hallie wilson's blog corals + cognacs and in today's post she did something that i'm kind of digging and hoping that by adapting it to roller coaster rides as well, i might be able to slowly get out of my writing funk.

so here we go (and feel free to play along in the comments!):

peaks & pits, jan. 23

peak:  my first day of class in physics 1.  i really like my professor, and i don't feel super-behind on the material.  i know that this semester is going to be overwhelming, but i feel on track and determined to make the best of it.

pit:  there's two.  first - i've been sick since january 1.  i really want this body of mine to cooperate and get healthy!  second - setbacks on learning to trust people.  someone tried to sabotage my relationship by planting a story that was untrue.  while i'm incredibly grateful that corey trusts me enough to know that the story is untrue, it irks me that someone out there would do something so inherently evil and without cause.  there's a lesson here, though, and now that i've learned it, i'm ready to move on with my life.

in other news, the weather has been gloomy lately, and i've been in a funk, but i'm bound and determined to shake it.  i haven't been going running as often as i'd like (read:  only once since 2014) so that needs to happen this weekend.  endorphins will be welcomed with open arms, as will getting lots and lots of school work done and spending time with my favorites. 

y'all have a happy weekend, now, and i'll be seeing you next week!


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