Friday, January 16, 2015

it's friday!!!

i've been home sick the past two days, which has not been fun.  i hate to be home and watch my work inbox overflow with things to do, and know that things are building up on my desk.  but it's given me time to think (when i'm not sleeping or drowning in kleenex) about my goals and wants for this year.

last year i started working out more regularly, and not just doing cardio, but added in weight training as well.  i want to continue that this year.  i also want to drop my mile time to under 9 minutes and run at least one 10k by november.

this year i want to focus more on school, work on getting a's in every class, and get as far ahead on my prereqs as i can so i can apply to the program i'm pursuing in fall 2016.  i want to work a little harder on this blog baby of mine, and write more regularly.  i also want to read for fun more regularly.  i am not good at making time for myself to do these things, and so it will require an active effort on my part.

these are just a few of my goals (the measurable ones anyway) for this year.  since i'm home sick and plan to rest over the weekend, i'll definitely have time to relax and read.  hopefully next week i'll get back in the gym and refocus.  and i'm so grateful to have this three day weekend, y'all.  enjoy it!


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