Tuesday, January 6, 2015

chosen path.

fyi - 'skilful' is correct in areas outside the US.  trust me, i looked it up.  #grammarnazi

new year, new me, right?  but i don't feel that way this year.  everything i am, everything i've done, has gotten me to this moment, this point in my life, and i'm happy, and i'm healthy, and what more could i want?  i know myself better than i did a year, or even six months ago.  i understand love better, my dreams better, how to set goals better.

we look for perfection in our lives, in ourselves, and in others.  we forget that we're human, that we make mistakes, that we can be wrong, and it's ok.  it's ok to take a wrong turn here and there.  it's ok to forgive those who wrong us.  it's ok to open our hearts and our minds to others differences.

we don't travel in straight lines.  some of us take the road less traveled, others of us choose a hard path, we all have to overcome fears, and the curveballs life throws us on occasion.  its how we take and learn from the lessons that life hands us that defines our lives, and our legacies.  am i scared to talk to my future children (fingers crossed) about the choices i made in my life?  yes.  but i hope to make them understand that i had to make those choices to get to them, to get to the family, career, and life that i dream of. 

there are things i will be working on this year.  getting more focused, taking better care of my body, learning patience and understanding, being more helpful to the people i love - to name a few.  but, i don't think that i need to be a new version of myself.  i just have to be sure of my path.

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