Friday, November 14, 2014

thankful - pt. 2

niagara falls - last august.

i've been places.  seen things.  experience them and made memories.

i learned and loved in rochester, ny, a boon of technology and research, with some of the prettiest foliage i've ever witnessed.  i lived on the outskirts of philly, savoring cheesesteaks and a proximity to other amazing cities.  i worked in downtown nola, during the saints superbowl win and two mardi gras celebrations, walking the french quarter at least 5 days a week, eating cajun and creole cuisine every chance i could get.  i've walked cobblestone paths in paris, been to the notre dame, louvre, musee d'orsay, l'opera, versailles.  taken a boat over the mediterranean, from cassis in the south of france.  celebrated my 16th birthday in provence, where i received a sachet scented with lavender as a gift from our tour guide (note to self:  retrieve from storage) and fell in love with the scent (a favorite of mine still).  toured the beaches, gaudi's multiple contributions and las ramblas of barcelona, where the hotel we stayed was beautiful and vintage and gilded.  laid in the sun on miami beach, twice.

anytime i wanted to take a trip, i've never been told 'no'.  my parents gave  me a choice between a quincenera and a trip to europe and probably breathed a huge sigh of relief when i chose the latter.  they've always been so helpful when i needed to plan a trip.  i'm glad that my friends and i have stayed so close, and opened our homes to each other across the country.  i'm glad to have a beau who wants to travel and experience as much as i do. 

i have been lucky indeed, to have been able to adventure at my leisure.

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