Wednesday, November 5, 2014

thankful, part 1.

hundred reasons why i shouldn't // but i lost my heart and wanted him to win.
we run - sugarland.

ugh, i hate being mushy.  i really do.  i mean, i am such a sentimental person (i'm a writer, it's hard not to be), and sometimes i just want to be a hard-ass, but it never quite works out that way for me. 
when i love, i love deeply.  it pulses through my body, just as essential to my being as oxygen.  it's overwhelming, and scary, and sometimes it hurts, but it's worth it. 

we met not that long ago; less than a year, actually.  i didn't mean to fall, and certainly not as quickly as i have, but it's happened and i'm so glad that it has.  it was an instant click, like a part of me knew a part of him already.

he is sweet, and smart.  strong, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.  generous and giving, hardworking and dedicated.  i've enjoyed getting to know him, becoming a part of his 'team', and learning to give a little when i need someone to depend on.

there are parts of him i haven't gotten to, yet.  things we aren't ready to tell each other.  that's ok.  i'm willing to wait for the day that we consider each other best friends.  but the things that i do know about him, are the reasons why i could never easily walk away.

i hope one day i can tell you more about him.  let the words and the way i feel flow freely.  i have been very guarded about our relationship because we both have baggage, things to work through, trust to build, but i think we get a little closer every time we work together, every time we do something that is just for us.  so just know that i am happy now, and that that is enough for me.

part of a series inspired by this post on a beautiful mess.

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