Friday, November 21, 2014

it's friday!!!

i'm embarking on new adventures this week.  i know sometimes i spread myself a little too thin, but i've never been happy when i wasn't busy.  i think i have this inherent need to feel productive and needed.  maybe it's the oldest child in me, or maybe it's my type A personality - it's probably both - but i've been feeling insignificant lately so i'm really excited to take on a new project.  and it's going to allow me to be involved with my sisterhood again, which i've really been missing.

sometimes i just feel so broken down still.  i know that i need to dig deep down and pull that strong, independent, inspired girl out of the shadows again, but it's been really hard lately.  i talk to myself in the mornings (funny quirk), giving myself little pep talks, reminding myself of the amazing things i've already done with my life, and encouraging myself to believe in my abilities, my brain, and my heart.  i've even taken to wearing my class ring from rochester again.  it's baby steps, i know. 

this weekend i'm taking a trip to fort worth with my friend, melissa.  we're celebrating her bff's birthday, and i'm excited to meet lili and have a proper girls' weekend.  plus craft beer is involved.

have an adventurous weekend, y'all!

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