Friday, November 14, 2014

it's friday!!!

i love when he asks me for five more minutes in the morning, and follows up the request with a bear hug.  there's nothing sweeter than waking up warm and snuggled next to your favorite.  as much as i love sleeping in my own bed, it's nice to have someone to share with too.  now if only i could find a way to bring riley along without any worries of him getting attacked or tagging my beau's furniture.

it's finally chilly in san antonio, which i love because i get to start layering and playing with fashion.  we have a softball game tonight, and then afterwards the beau and i are headed to floore's to see josh abbott band.  i bought the tickets before i knew it was going to be so chilly, so hopefully it's not a terrible experience, since they're playing outside.  tomorrow i'd really like to go to wurstfest, but i have to get through the epilepsy 5k, my mom's yard sale, and a quick errand first.  plus, i have plans to hang out with my bff, so, priorities.

have a cuddly weekend, y'all!


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