Tuesday, August 12, 2014

carpe-ing the diem.

surprise!  i used to play volleyball back in the day, and a friend asked me to help our her team the last few weeks.  
it was so much fun!  i forgot how much i loved playing.  thanks to my dad for the picture.  and coming to cheer me on.  :)

july flew by, didn't it?  and now we're almost halfway through august.  summer is almost over and i'm already starting to miss it.  the sun always feels so sweet on my skin.  it's never the same in other seasons.  of course, i do love me a good northeastern fall, but we don't get much of that down here in the south.

i know, i't s been a while since my last post.  blame life.  i've been crazy-busy.  i wish i could tell you what i've been up to the past couple of weeks, but it all feels like such a blur.  i'd love to take more time to stop and blog, but sometimes life just needs to be lived.  and i've been doing a whole lot of that lately.

and, y'all, i'm so very, very happy.

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