Friday, July 11, 2014


i get so busy sometimes, i forget to take a step back and just enjoy the moment, the now, the beauty of life, and be thankful for it.  here are a few of the things i'm currently happy/grateful for:

  • wildflowers and fireworks
  • planning trips
  • new music, live music
  • finishing one of my classes with an A (the other still has a few weeks left)
  • appreciating my body and strength
  • runs in the park
  • cool breezes and clear, starlit skies
  • last minute movie dates
  • interesting and beautiful cloud formations
  • my new wallet
  • completed projects
  • new books (yes, i have stack and stacks of them)

what's putting a smile on your face lately?  don't forget to stop and be grateful for it, y'all.  we only get one life...never take it for granted.  :)


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