Friday, July 11, 2014

it's friday!!!

i'll be honest, i'm a little too exhausted to really write anything worthwhile today.  between an important and huge project at work, and the final for my 5-week class, plus, my car being in the shop and getting my first speeding ticket in 7 years, my brain has been on overload and ever-so-slightly on-edge, and i just want to relax.  so, that's just what i'm going to do this weekend.  unless of course, some sort of exciting, can't-pass-up adventure presents itself...

tonight i'm FINALLY going to see gary allan live.  i've been a huge fan since high school, but have never been able to catch one of his shows.  i'm pretty excited, despite my exhaustion!  other than that, i'm free as a bird.  :)

have a happy weekend, y'all!


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