Wednesday, July 2, 2014

is it you?

in case you were wondering...

it's the way you wear a t-shirt and blue jeans.  so casual, yet so incredibly sexy, like that style was made for you.

it's the slight twang in your voice, always amplified after a night of drinking.  sometimes on the phone i can't understand a word you're saying, but i love the way it sounds.

it's how your hands aren't too soft.  slightly hardened by all the hard work you do.  and how mine fit perfectly into them.

it's the dedication you put into your work and your family.  you work hard, and you are always there for the people you love.  two of the most important traits in my book.

it's the way you put your hand on my back or around my waist when we're out.  and how you make me feel like the prettiest girl in the room.

it's the concern in your eyes when i tell you why i'm stressed.  and the way you want to help me through whatever i'm dealing with, but you also realize i need to figure things out on my own.

it's the way you reach out for me and wrap me up in your arms as we fall asleep.  i've never felt so comforted before in my life.

there are little things and big things.  there's the silence in the morning when you're dropping me off before dawn.  that first trip we took together in march.  the way you massage the areas where i carry my stress, or how you ask me to rub your back and then fall asleep while i'm doing so.  it's all the things in between, things i can't put words to.

whatever it is, you make me happy and i'm so enjoying this little adventure we're on.

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