Friday, June 6, 2014

sweet summertime.

y'all know late spring/early summer is my favorite time of year around these parts.  the wildflowers are in bloom, everything is so incredibly green and beautiful, and it's time to break out the shorts and flip flops (although i am the kind of girl who prefers to go barefoot), and let those shoulders bask in the warmth of the sun.  i'm excited for the adventures this summer will bring, including my 28th birthday, hopefully lots of outdoor concerts, and a little beach time, and whatever the universe sends my way.  i like surprises, y'all.

james over at bleubird posted her goals and aspirations for the summer recently, and inspired me to do the same.  so here we go:

Eating / lots of grilled chicken and fresh veggies.
Drinking / shiner white wing goes well with warm summer nights.
Practicing / patience, understanding, support, and focus.
Mastering / medical terminology.
Learning / to be less introverted and accepting that which i cannot change.
Trying / to be more adventurous.
Playing / coy.
Finishing / lots of projects, including my room makeover.
Reading / the stack of books on my nightstand i haven't had a chance to get to (it's a long list).
Remembering / to enjoy moments and do things outside of my comfort zone.
Wearing / braids, natural texture, sunglasses, cutoffs, boots/flip flops.
Cooking / grilled chicken, veggies, pretty much anything, since i haven't been cooking much lately.
Working / crazy hours to make up for school.
Traveling / to the beach, to the northeast, to vegas.  take me anywhere, really.
Wanting / summer nights under the stars, drink in hand, just listening to the quiet.

what are some of your summer goals?

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