Tuesday, June 17, 2014

something's gotta give.

it's time for me to be brutally honest with myself and admit that i have not been myself lately.  i have not been that strong, happy, adventurous girl i know myself to be deep down inside.  i made so much progress in the months following my divorce, that it almost breaks my heart to see that i am back to feeling bruised.

i don't want this to affect my life.  i don't want to wake up feeling this way every day.  i don't like the person it turns me into when i am at my weakest and most vulnerable.  i'd give anything to take the last month or so back.  i'd turn my life over and rearrange all the tiny pieces that got me to this place today.

but we don't get that option in life.

so instead, i'll do what i can.  i'll work harder on myself.  i'll ask for help, because i so desperately need it.  i'll put my pieces back together again.  something has got to give.  and for once i won't let it be me.

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