Thursday, May 8, 2014

the other woman.

blonde hair.  blue eyes.  fair skin.  no curves.

she was the opposite of me.

they always are, aren't they?  the cheater always thinks the grass is greener, so they go for something they don't already have.  oftentimes they realize they already had a good thing when it's far too late, as was the case for my ex.

i've never talked about her before.  i place some blame on her - she did know he was married, and she had been cheated on by her husband as well so she must've known how i'd break - but i know it wasn't entirely her fault.  unfortunately, she is the one i will project on future loves.  i'll occasionally wonder if there is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed monster hiding under the bed. 

i know it's not fair.  but then, life never is, is it?

this is the most i'll say about her, so that it is off my chest and i can attempt to move on: 

she wasn't me.  she never will be.

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