Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the turning point.

at some point in the last few months i decided it was time for me to stop moping around, and get out and do fun things with fun people (i also graduated, again, so therefore finally had free time).  it started out with concerts, random road trips, and finally hanging out at bars.

my sisters and friends were super supportive.  they took me out here and there, invited me to join them for random nights out, showed up to concerts i wanted to see.  i was striking out meeting guys, but having a great time, and finally letting my hair down the way i used to in rochester (one of the happiest periods of my life, as y'all know).

there were people who wanted to set me up with guy friends of theirs, but nothing really stuck.  for about a week, i tried tinder.  i was getting a little bored with meeting guys at bars and them ending up being slightly creepy, or just not interesting in the least.  i think at that point i was pretty much leaving things up to the universe, and tinder just seemed like something fun in the interim.  but to be honest, i wasn't really seeking out guys, or going out to meet guys in particular.  i just wanted to have fun.  i stopped worrying about being alone, and started embracing it.  i have been working out regularly, and so between that and just enjoying life, i started to feel happier.  and i learned that people respond positively to that.

in fact, once i stopped focusing on my loneliness, i finally met someone.  and maybe it won't last forever, but i have fun with him, and he makes me laugh.  it's new, and it's different, and i'm genuinely happy.  i'm just trying to focus on the present and embrace this amazing chance to have a relationship with someone who makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.  and who knows, really, where it might go?

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