Wednesday, April 2, 2014

lennon and maisy stella (nashville cast) - ho hey.

this song has stuck with me since the lumineers released their record.  it's a beautiful, though sad, song.  i stumbled upon lennon and maisy stella's version yesterday, and i'm even more obsessed.  their harmony is just amazing.  suddenly i want to watch all of nashville.

what i wouldn't give for that talent.  my dream, my whole life, has been to be a musician.  it's the one thing i knew i wanted to do from about 8 years old.  and it's never changed.  yeah, when i was in high school i wanted to be a writer.  then in college i wanted to work in human resources.  then after that it was law school.  i mean, i have just been trying to figure it out forever.  because what i really, really wanted to do, was music.  of course, i know i'm not mariah carey.  so i kind of just let music be a dream.

but i've always loved good music, even if i wasn't making it.  and amazing harmonies.  and female artists, because they are so few and far in between.

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