Monday, March 10, 2014

randy houser.

i'm a little obsessed with randy houser these days.  i was so excited to get tickets to see him at the rodeo this year, only to have to forgo the concert because my date was not feeling so hot (it was the day after her birthday celebration - in her defense).  i found out he is coming to san antonio again tomorrow night, and i am so excited. 

i think part of my attraction to his music is that they paint this picture of a life i've been trying to live.  they're about taking chances, letting loose, and enjoying life.  i've been trying to do a lot more of that lately, and i have to say, it's been working out for me, in spite of my constant fear that i'm going to wake up from this dream.  and let's be honest, i've always been attracted to country boys (something about those blue jeans and calloused hands), so i'm just hoping one will scoop me up and show me "how country feels". 

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