Friday, March 14, 2014

it's friday, y'all!!!

throwback from kat's bachelorette weekend in miami last june.

and i am on vacation in beautiful miami, fl!  i honestly can't believe this trip happened.  i mean, i can't believe i am on this trip.  my life has felt like such a dream lately.  a lot has changed in the past 19 months, and i like this place that i'm in now.  it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn awesome, and i know that the things that are missing from my life only require a little hard work and determination on my part.

that said, all i really plan on doing this weekend is relaxing, sunbathing, and enjoying the company of my sweet travel partner (he's a cutie, y'all).  making memories is so exciting!

quick shout-out to my two besties, kim and jenna!  jenna just celebrated her birthday this week, and started a new, better job this month (and is studying to take the CFA exam).  kim recently moved to san fran with her boo and accepted a job offer from THE google, y'all!  my besties are such strong, beautiful, amazing and smart women!  proud of you, my babes.

have a happy weekend, loves!

  • ban the word "bossy".  we need to reprogram our brains to think of women as leaders when they are just young girls, trying to find their voice.  
  • excited for "unbroken" to hit theaters this december.  need to read the book between then and now. 
  • missed a lot of my fave blogs in the last 6 months, with my constant traveling and working.  finally starting to catch up and stumbled upon this post from a beautiful messthe office (progress!).  i love it, i want it - maybe for my one-day, someday business.
  • also, emma's post about her "changing dreams" really resonated with me.
  • i wanti need.

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