Friday, March 7, 2014

it's friday, y'all.

an old one with my tita in january.  miss this girl (and my long hair) like crazy.
i'm not sure if it's spring rolling in, or the fact that i'm moving back into my old room at home, but i have been in the mood to get rid of anything and everything i possibly can.  from the clothes in my closet, to the things left behind by the ex, i am in a mood to purge.  maybe it's because there have been so many new (amazingly awesome) changes in my life lately.  i met this great guy earlier this year, and i'm having so much fun getting to know him and letting him get to know me.  i started boot camp this week with my friend, melissa (which i'm doing in addition to zumba and running - taking care of my bod, haha).  softball season started last weekend.  i'm looking at graduate schools, and job postings, trying to figure out my next move.  and i'm making plans to buy a home and/or car in the future (baby steps, y'all).  life is so good right now, i know i keep talking about how happy i am, but it's just so, so true that i can't help myself.

this weekend, we'll be pub running (mardi gras theme? i'm there!), celebrating casee's 25th birthday (more mardi gras festivities!), and more softball.  unless it rains, of course.   also, i plan on moving my things into my old room (that corinne just moved out of), and running a million errands (or something like that).  as i've said before, i am so excited about this month, and all the fun adventures to be had!

have an exciting weekend, y'all!

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