Monday, March 10, 2014

happy birthday, kikikins!

blowing out her candles at her 25th bday bash!

my little boo.  we've been best friends since the day you were born.  when we were just two little tykes, i would speak for you.  as we've grown older, you've needed me to take care of you less and less (in fact, it almost feels the other way around these days), but you will always be my little sister.

i can't believe you are 25 years old now.  you have grown into such a smart, strong, talented young woman, and i am so incredibly proud of you.  gone are the days of me speaking for you, as you are so very, very outspoken now.  you are smart, and hilarious, and goal-oriented.  your crafting, and your etsy shop have grown so much since you started a few years ago.  you're doing it all right, kid.  you're such an inspiration to rinna and i.

i hope you enjoyed your mardi gras bday bash, keeks.  i hope you have the best 25th year ever.  and i hope you keep on smiling, boober.  :)

happy birthday, sister!  love you love you love you.

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