Wednesday, February 19, 2014

sweet surprise.

ok, so y'all know i can be super-guarded.  yes, i'm a bit of a romantic, and yes, on occasion, i can be gushy, but for the most part i keep a lot to myself when it comes to dating and feelings and what-not.  it's just easier that way, not having to explain why so-and-so stopped coming around, etc., etc.

but a girl loves to gush every once in a while.  especially when it is so deserved.

there is something to be said about being made speechless by a gesture so sweet and obviously made just to make you feel something more than just a little special.  i've never had anything like that happen to me before friday night.  to be honest, it was the best feeling i've had in a long time.  just to know that someone put thought into giving me a night that was memorable and fun and included some of my favorite things (and candlelight - perfection), i mean, i really had no words at that moment.  i went into shock.  i may have even teared up.  it was beautiful and wonderful and everything i never knew i wanted.

and to the man whose actions spoke so loudly that night - i don't know if you know how much your surprise made me feel in that moment, but i'll never forget that night.  i'll carry it with me always.  so thank you for making me feel special.  i'm ever so grateful, i hope you know that.  ;)

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